Tom Beatty smiles in front of his cake at his retirement party

Tom Beatty Retires as City Horticulturist

Tom Beatty retired as the City’s horticulturist on February 28th.  His departure closes an 18-year tenure during which, among other duties, he served as the head gardener of Bush’s Pasture Park. While Tom had a desk at the park’s historic “root house,” he was more often out in the park supervising ground crews, planting spring bulbs…

Informational poster explaining the plan to remove and replace the park's Shogetsu cherry tree

Shogetsu Cherry Tree Removal & Replacement

The City and MSPC are working together to remove a damaged and failing ‘Shogetsu’ flowering cherry tree near the Conservatory. We have already purchased a replacement ‘Shogetsu’ cherry tree that will be planted in nearly the same location. calls the Shogetsu cherry tree “One of the finest Japanese cherries” and describes it as “a broad-spreading…

Pink flowers of a Jane Platt magnolia on the Ravine north hillside landscape bed

Bed 550 – Ravine North Hillside

The Ravine north hillside landscape bed contains: Trees Toxodium mucronatum (Montezuma Cypress) Magnolia stellata ‘Jane Platt‘ (Jane Platt Star Magnolia) Corylus americana Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple) Shrubs & Subshrubs Camellia japonica ssp. Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowflake‘ Skimmia japonica Evergreen azaleas Deciduous azalea Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Sykes Dwarf’ Rhododendron ‘Herbert’ Prunus laurocerasus ‘Mount Vernon’

White flowers of a Kalmia latifolia blooms on the lower Ravine landscape bed

Bed 549 – Lower Ravine Landscape Bed

The lower Ravine landscape bed contains: Trees Magnolia stellata Styrax japonicus ‘Emerald Pagoda’ Styrax japonicus Cornus x ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ Shrubs & Subshrubs Kalmia latifolia Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Hiltingbury‘ Rhododendron ssp. (broadleaf) Rhododendron ssp. (azalea) Rhododendron ‘PJM Elite’ Euonymus alatas compacta Escallonia x exoniensis ‘Pink Princess’ Berberis ssp Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea ‘Bagatelle’ Mahonia sp. Pinus mugo ‘Pumilio’ Calluna…

Bed 548 – Upper Ravine Bed

This bed contains: Trees Acer japonicum ‘Green Cascade‘ Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium‘ Styrax japonicus Prunus serrulata ‘Ukon‘ Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir) Shrubs & Subshrubs Viburnum opulus ‘nanum‘ Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold’s Promise‘ Viburnum trilobum ‘Bailey’s Compact’ Prunum laurocerasus ‘Mount Vernon’ (‘Mount Vernon’ Dwarf Laurel) Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen‘ Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer‘ Rhododendron ‘Percy Wiseman‘ Rhododendron ponticum…

Pieris japonica

Bed 546 – Pieris Bed

Bed 546-the Pieris Bed-contains: Trees Magnolia soulangeana (Saucer Magnolia) Tsuga sp. (Hemlock species) Shrubs & Subshrubs Pieris japonica ‘Variegatus’ (Variegated Japanese Andromeda) Pieris japonica (Japanese Andromeda) Enkianthus campanulatus (Redvein Enkianthus) Viburnum opulus ‘Nanum’ (Dwarf Cranberry Bush) Perennials Polystichum munitum