MSPC has a number of projects under way, and one project under consideration. In order for a project under consideration to move forward, it requires a detailed concept approved by our board, funding, and the approval of the City’s Public Works Department.

The Rock Scramble

Climbing trees, stomping in puddles, sliding down hillsides, and clambering over logs and boulders play a critical role in developing healthy children. Our parks, with clipped grass, graded slopes, and metal play equipment, do not always lend themselves to nature play.

Fortunately, Bush’s Pasture Park has a magnificent climbing tree in the Ravine, which has delighted countless children over the past two decades. To expand on nature play opportunities for children, MSPC is raising $8,000 to install a rock scramble on the Ravine hillside. The scramble will be set gently into the hillside just down from the Crooked House playground. Made of local block stone, the scramble will be approximately 20′ by 30′ and sited next to the climbing tree and within view of the nearby Ravine terrace.