Welcome to MSPC’s online store “in reverse” where you can purchase trees, plants, and other items to support Bush’s Pasture Park. When you purchase an item, you will have an opportunity to give it in honor or memory of someone special. If you’ve purchased a plant for the park, we’ll write to tell you when it has been planted and where it is. Of course, a purchase for the park is tax-deductible and comes with a heartfelt acknowledgement of appreciation from us.

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Davidia involucrata (Dove Tree)


David involucrata, or Dove Tree, is a pyramidal tree that grows to about 40′ with mid-green leaves and attractive bark. Its outstanding feature is the pendulous white “flowers’ that cover the tree in mid-spring, which explains the tree’s alternate name: Handkerchief Tree. It’s also a Great Plant Pick for the northwest.

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Park employee collecting data with EOS Arrow 1Image of EOS arrow 1

EOS Arrow 100 GPS receiver


EOS Arrow 100 allows City and MSPC staff to collect accurate location and other data on the park’s plant material. The data can then be used by park managers, the public, and even scientists.

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Kolkwitzia amabilis (Beauty Bush)


Kolkwitzia amabilis, or Beauty Bush, is a deciduous shrub with tall arching stems that bear pink flowers in the spring. The park’s existing Beauty bush, located just across from the entrance to the Bush Barn Art Center, has declined with age and needs to be replaced.

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MSPC Membership – Family


A 1-year family membership with the Mission Sheet Parks Conservancy. Membership helps fund MSPC’s work to preserve, maintain, enhance and interpret the park for current and future generations.

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Prunus serrulata ‘Ukon’ (Ukon Flowering Cherry)

‘Ukon’ flowering cherry tree is unique in that most ornamental cherries show pink or white flowers but ‘Ukon’ has beautiful light yellow to light green flowers. It also provides the same flaming gold and yellow fall colors one expects from a flowering cherry. ‘Ukon’ grows in a vase shape to to 20′ to 30′ tall.

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Syringa pekinensis ‘Beijing Gold’ (Beijing Gold Chinese Lilac Tree)


Chinese lilac trees are wonderful small trees that have fragrant yellow summer blooms and interesting exfoliating bark for winter appeal. Although rarely used, they are an excellent tree for an urban area and our Zone 8 environment. The park has one Chinese lilac tree, which was likely planted by Elizabeth Lord & Edith Schryver between 1928 and 1968. ‘Beijing Gold‘ is a cultivar that has golden yellow leaves in the fall.

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