Bush’s Pasture Park is one of only two parks in the City that showcase gardens designed for their aesthetic value. These gardens, dating back to the 1930’s, are possible only because of dedicated groups of volunteers.

Volunteer Gardeners

We have three groups of volunteer gardeners. Our Tuesday Gardeners meet Tuesday mornings at 9 AM, March through November. The Saturday gardeners are an emerging group for people who want to volunteer in the park but work weekdays. If neither time works but you will still would like to volunteer, the Conservancy will work with you to identify gardening projects that fit your interest and skills. For example, the Rose Garden Deadheaders take on responsibility for maintaining individual rose beds during the blooming months.

We honor our volunteers by organizing garden visits, field trips, and a year-end Volunteer Appreciation Evening. During the winter months, Tuesday mornings find many of our volunteers meeting for coffee, not wanting to miss that community time together.

Current Needs

  • Tuesday Gardeners
  • Saturday Gardeners
  • Special Project Gardeners
  • Deadheaders
Plant Sale Volunteers

Historically we have put on two yearly plant sales; the spring sale in mid-April, and the Art Fair sale in mid-July. The philosophy behind each of our plant sales is to provide well-grown, unusual plants in support of local growers at reasonable prices. AND it’s a fundraiser – to raise the level of care in our iconic parks.

Current Needs

  • Cashiers
  • Cashier Helpers
  • Holding Area Attendants
  • Customer Service
  • Pick-up Trucks & drivers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Schleppers
Contribute Your Professional Services

It requires a number of different talents and expertise to manage a public park. Over the years, architects, landscape architects, geologists, engineers, garden designers, botanists, carpenters, historians, horticulturalists, masons and other skilled professionals have contributed to projects at Bush’s Pasture Park and other City parks.

These talented volunteers designed and built the Victorian style gazebo in the rose garden, identified unknown trees and shrubs, replaced the wooden lids on the cold, frame, built the new trellises flanking the conservatory door, helped prune the Lord & Schryver Flowering Trees, wrote the restoration plan for the Bush Barn Foundation Plantings, and much more.

Current Needs

  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • GIS Expert
  • Arborist
  • Hydrologist
  • Landscape Architect
  • Horticulturalist
For More Information

If you are interested in gardening in Bush’s Pasture Park or Pringle Park, supporting our plant sales, or perhaps using other talents in support of our mission, please contact Gabrielle Schiffer by email “schiffer8754@comcast.net” or phone (503) 507-1004.